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April 20, 2024

On Saturday 7th October, The Kingdom Got Talent competitions in which over 15 choirs and Artists from different churches participated came to an end.

The competitions where under the Annual Minister’s Conference theme “Ask What I shall give Thee” and these choirs together with individual “singers” composed songs under this very theme.

“What I preach can easily be forgotten after a few days, but whenever artists and choirs compose these songs under our different themes, it helps to continue spreading the gospel” Bishop David Kiganda said.

Heavenly Angels Choir from Nansana which emerged as the winners, first lost the on air polls which were conducted in the months of August and September after the completion of the Annual Minister’s Conference.

Three choirs went through to the finals (Focus Sunday School choir, Evangelism Choir and Focus Youth Choir), of which those which had lost in the on air draws were supposed to compete on the finals, Heavenly Angels Choir emerged as the winner for the losers play, and joined the three which were already on the finals.

In their ruling after competing, The three judges (Clyde Pro, John Kay, and Wilson’s)

Kingdom Got Talent
Music producer Clyde Pro on the left, Singer Wilsong in the middle and Song writer John Kay on the right
  • 1. Heavenly Angels Choir

Heavenly Angels Choir

  • 2. Focus Sunday School choir

Focus Sunday School Choir

  • 3. Focus Youth Choir

Focus Youths Choir

  • 4. Evangelism Choir.

The winners (Heavenly Angels Choir) were awarded with a bull by the overseer  of Christianity Focus Centre churches, Bishop David Kiganda, and the second were given a goat, the third won cash, as the forth choir was also given a flat screen TV.


All the participants in this competition were awarded with certificates as a token of appreciation for the work done in the 2023 Annual Minister’s Conference.

While giving his final remarks, Bishop David Kiganda urged artists to focus more on developing their vocals, and also prepare to compose songs  under the theme of the forthcoming National Prayer Day which is going to be announced soon.

“We’re going to start hosting two Kingdom Got Talent competitions, one for Annual Minister’s Conference like this one, and another for the National Prayer Day, so artists start preparing your vocals, because the theme for the 17th Annual National Prayer Day is going to be announced this week “.

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