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June 21, 2024

While preaching in the Sunday services at Christianity Focus Centre, Mengo Kisenyi, Pastor Cindy Kiganda empathized believer to focus on doing the right things in order to succeed  together with avoid being jealousy about those who have made it.

“All these battles you see about pastors in Kampala are all about jealous, pastors think they can pastor the whole Kampala, No, You can not pastor the whole of Kampala ” – Pastor Cindy Kiganda

Watch full sermon of Pastor Cindy Kiganda

She went ahead and said that most of the people have failed to go far because they think someone bewitched and limited them to achieve great things.

“Nobody is limiting you, it’s your mindset and jealous that is limiting you, consider changing your mindset and avoid being jealous in order to make it in 2024” Pastor Cindy said.

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