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July 15, 2024
In a recent development within the National Unity Platform (NUP), former leader of opposition Mathius Mpuuga made a speech criticizing NUP President Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu. Mpuuga accused Kyagulanyi of drug use and urged the public to stop trusting him.
In response, Kyagulanyi held a press conference on Friday, July 5th, addressing Mpuuga’s claims and revealing what he called the hypocrisy behind them.
Kyagulanyi explained that Mpuuga was given significant responsibilities within NUP, serving as both the Leader of Opposition and Vice President of NUP, but never complained about Bobi Wine and his group of being drug user until when they blamed him for taking a “bribe” of 500m.
The NUP party president  suggested that Mpuuga’s accusations against him and other NUP members stemmed from this fallout over the money. The tensions between the two leaders highlight a significant rift within the party, raising questions about trust and loyalty among its members.
The public now watches closely as these events unfold, affecting the image and unity of NUP.

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