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June 21, 2024

3 students have succumbed to a heavy vehicle crush while in their school computer library. This incident that has left very many shocked, happened at Kasaka Senior Secondary School in Kanoni Town Council in Gomba District.

According to the Director of Studies of the School, Rev. Wilberforce Sekasikko, a truck entered the school through the perimeter fence and it crushed two school buildings that had students in them.

“The vehicle named Sino Truck that was running in a terrific speed from Mityana side lost the road. It first crushed the School perimeter fence, entered into the computer lab from where the school secretary was doing work, with one teacher and a learner who died on spot. It pulled another student by the legs and went into another school building, that has senior four classes at the main hall,” he said.

Mr. Sekasikko also added that school property got destroyed ranging from the computers, two school structures, the perimeter fence and a great number of physical school items. Three children were confirmed so far dead and 20 counted with injuries.

The eye witnesses also confirmed that, the heave load truck, with undisclosed plate number failed the driver and it heavily drove to the wall of the school’s computer Library from where a big number of students were studying , it crushed to death, 3 students and 20 are still nursing wounds though rushed to the Gombe and nearby health facilities.

The local leaders, church and the community intervened and took the victims and deceased bodies to the nearby hospitals and the mortuary.

Katende Charles the resident of Kanoni Sub County affirmed to our reporter that the vehicle driver lost control and crushed the school’s computer library.

“For the cause of the car to enter the school, only one knows yet what exactly happened because at that time it was raining and every one was inside. But it has been confirmed that two teachers are missing and also the school secretary is dead,” said Katende Charles.

The whereabouts of the two teachers is still untraceable. And more still the truck driver, run without being noticed.
Some locals complain that the road that enters the main high from Mityana to Kampala is a maram road, that gives allowance for the drivers to speed up the vehicles the moment they reach the tarmac road and the school is just at the spot corner. It is therefore, inevitable that any misfortune from the road at this area can easily perish the lives of students and the neighbouring community.

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