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July 15, 2024
Bishop David Kiganda

The theme for the 17th Annual National Prayer Day was announced way back in October after the return of Bishop David Kiganda and Pastor Cindy Kiganda from the United States of America where he had different crusades and conferences.
The theme was extracted from Joshua 6:2.

Kingdom media production team embarked on the production of the promotion adverts of the event together with collecting endorsements from different public figures including pastors, politicians and gospel artists.

The day finally reached, 31st December,  and people of God from different regions around the entire nation stormed Old Kampala sports grounds gates to be among the many who will enter the new year 2024 in prayers amidst the morning drizzling.

By 11:30am in the morning,  the first preacher Pastor Patrick Collins Mwebe was already on the mega pulpit as he preached following the theme of the day.

Pastor Patrick Collins Mwebe
Pastor Patrick Collins Mwebe

The next preacher was Bishop Ramathan Mukisa who emphasized believers of God to always listen to God’s commands if they’re to make it in life.

Bishop Ramathan Mukisa
Bishop Ramathan Mukisa preaching on the 17th Annual National Prayer Day

Different gospel artists came through to entertain the mass like Titus Kuteesa, Sarah Kitiibwa, Betty Namaganda, among others.

Titus Kuteesa performing at the 17th National Prayer Day

Bishop Joseph Kabuye together with Apostle Michael Kimuli also shared their message from God to the believers, as we all were waiting for that moment of entering a new year.

Bishop Joseph Kabuye
Apostle Michael Kimuli

At 7pm, Old Kampala playgrounds was already full to its maximum,  but this didn’t hesitate people of God to stand in life at least to be counted among the many who were at the National Prayer Day.

Bishop David Kiganda together with his beautiful wife Pastor Cindy Kiganda and ofcourse Baby Miracle Nakato, all arrived at the venue by 8PM.

National Prayer Day

This event also attracted different political leaders including the newly appointed Chairperson COSASE, Hon Medard Lubega Ssegona whose emphasized people of God to consider joining politics because its among the ways they can change their status.

Minister Sam Mayanja on left, Bishop David Kiganda, Hon Medard Ssegona and Pastor Cindy Kiganda

Minister Kyoffatogabye together with Minister Sam Mayanja also came through to the event.

Minister Kyoffatogabye

As usual,  Bishop Michael Kyazze of Omega Healing Church, shared the sermon basing on the theme of the event.

National Prayer Day
Bishop Michael Kyazze

Pastor Cindy Kiganda was welcomed to the pulpit by the CFC mass choir who with their unique vocals and energetic performance warmed up the people of God preparing them to enter the new year in vibe.

Mass Chori

After giving out the message,  she invited Bishop David Kiganda,  and in his message before crossing over to 2024, he emphasized the repentance and urged the people of God to turn to Christ if they want to make it in 2024.

Over 3000 people ran towards the pulpit to be counted among the many who surrendered their lives to Christ before 2024.

Bishop David Kiganda

Guess what, fireworks was among the unforgettable moments of day as we entered in the new year in thunderstorms-like sound.

The event was sponsored by different corporate organizations including; Pepsi,  Movit, Muyenga High School, Kingdom Jewels, Hormisdallen Schools, Home Connect Properties,  Mujje Tukole Millers and Hema Water.
What next after The 17th National Prayer Day?

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Bishop Kiganda announced that starting 2nd of January 2024, Christianity Focus Centre Mengo Kisenyi will be holding a New Year Kickstart Conference for both the new converts  and other believers who will be willing to attend,  the main preachers are Bishop David and Pastor Cindy Kiganda,  Prophet Ebenezer Ako Nai from Ghana and Apostle Samuel Kyambadde.

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