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June 21, 2024
National Prayer Day

In the month of November, Bishop David Kiganda announced the theme for the 17th annual National Prayer Day.

“Behold  i have delivered Jericho into thine hands’ Joshua 6:2

The National Prayer Day and Night is among the events which attracts over thousands of both believers in christ and non believer to usher them in the new year.

The event is organised at Old Kampala SS by Christianity Focus Centre ministries led by Bishop David Kiganda together with Pastor Cindy Kiganda.

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National Prayer Day
Thousand of people at Old Kampala SS playgrounds on the National Prayer Day.


This event was way back started in the early 2001 at Christianity Focus Centre Mengo Kisenyi with an intention of changing the status quo since  the new year was welcomed with ungodly acts including violence, adultery etc.

Different religions used to pray on the first day of the new year, and of which many people entered the new year while in bars always have hangover and can’t manage to attend religious prayers  and this was why the new chapter of entering the new year with prayers like the National Prayer Day were started.

“NPD came as a way of glorifying God for enabling us to finish. the outgoing year and also pray to Him for a better new year”

Singer levixone performing at the 16th Annual National Prayer Day

“People became many in the early 2000s and the church in Kisenyi because of its size couldn’t manage the big number and this was the reason to why we entered playgrounds and our first event was organised at Nakivubo Stadium in 2006”. Bishop David Kiganda said.


National Prayer Day
Sgt Bukenya performing at NPD in 2022

Last year, this event attracted a registered number of more than 150000 people who nearly filled the two playgrounds of Old Kampala SS, and it’s on record that on the same event, over three thousand people accepted Jesus as their Lord and saviour.

The 17th Annual National Prayer Day has attracted the following preachers both from Uganda and outside Uganda.

  • Ap. Dr. Michael Kimuli
  • Pr. Patrick Collins Mwebe
  • Bishop Ramathan Mukisa
  • Bishop DR. Micheal Kyazze
  • Bishop Joseph Kabuye
  • Prophet Ebenezer Ako Nai from Ghana

To support this event which is a channel to preach the word of God to the world contact these numbers : +256759516964 OR 0778121111 

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