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June 21, 2024

After the Kira Municipality Member of Parliament came out and expressed his concern on the life of the president asking whether he is fine, the deputy speaker Thomas Tayebwa has promised to help him meet with the president as he claimed that Ssemujju was missing the president.

Ssemujju Nganda argued that President Museveni needs to be checked on constantly since he is in his advanced age.

“I saw African presidents on a bus attending the Queen’s funeral, President Museveni was missing. The other day he missed his daughter’s giveaway. I want to know if he’s okay, given his advanced age. You know you people removed the age limit so we have to keep checking on him,” Kira Municipality MP, Ssemujju Nganda.

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In his response, Tayebwa claimed that Ssemujju Nganda is missing the president, as he listed the different occasions where the president has been seen publicly, including the recent one when he was at Kololo on NRM caucus last week.

“For the first time, since I’ve known Hon Ssemujju, he is missing President Museveni. I think honourable colleagues, what I’m going to do, is make an appointment for Hon Ssemujju Nganda with the President,” ~ Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa.

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