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April 20, 2024

While appearing on KTV’s  Weddemu show which airs every Sunday morning, Bishop David Kiganda urged the people of God to always consider respecting and appreciate all those who played any part to their success however small it was.

On the same note, The lead pastor of Christianity Focus Centre and as well as the Managing Director of Kingdom Media, Bishop David Kiganda shared part of his early life when he just entered Kampala from Masaka.

Bp. Kiganda said that when he came to Kampala for the visit, he never wanted to go back to the village again amidst failing to secure a home where he could base while in the city.

“I walked the whole of Kampala searching for a job but couldn’t be employed anywhere. I wasn’t only looking for a job, but also accommodation because I had no where to sleep except going back to Masaka” Bishop David Kiganda said on Sunday.

He added that, after failing to secure a job, ” it was only one person called Hajji Asuman Ssebanakitta who employed me way back in 1981 at his restaurant, he was paying me 3000 shs monthly together with accommodating me, and I could only eat the leftovers”

“Even though I was being paid less with no food, I credit this moslem man whom God used so that I don’t go back to Masaka in the village.” Bishop David Kiganda said.

He went further and revealed how badly he wanted to meet his first boss because he had taken long without seeing him.

On Thursday evening, Hajji Asuman Ssebanakitta paid a visit to the Christianity Focus Centre church in Mengo Kisenyi and he was welcomed by his former employee now the Managing Director of Kingdom Media Bishop David Kiganda, and they shared memories together.

On the same note, Bishop Kiganda urged all the people to always remember and honour those who supported them when they were nothing.

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