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June 21, 2024
China rain

China has launched artificial rain as a way of tackling the extreme heat in their country by engineering the weather through cloud seeding.

This process is a form of weather modification that can produce rainfall of any quantity or even producing snow, or smaller hail pellets.

China is building the world’ largest weather modification system which will artificially enhance rain which will help to cover an area of about 2.1 million sq. mi (5.5 million sq. km) by the year 2025.

As of now, at least 50 countries are using some sort of weather modification program, however, according to research the technology has been in existence for about 75 years.

In this process, clouds are made up of tiny water droplets, a these groups of droplets form water vapor or ice crystals in the atmosphere. This water vapor isn’t dense enough to fall to the ground as precipitation but it instead rises until it becomes super cooled and condenses.

It takes billions of these condensed nuclei to  form a visible cloud, in cloud seeding, a seeding agent is used as the condensation nuclei, and the typical sending agents are chemicals such as silver iodide, potassium iodide and solid carbon dioxide.

These chemicals are shot in the atmosphere using rockets or sprayed in the clouds using drones or aircraft.

The droplets combines together until they form one drop which can fall onto the ground as rain.

The day NUP set tough condition for IPOD.

As of now, China creates 55billion tons of artificial rain annually, and the ideal of creating this rain id to solve the problem of water shortage in areas that are most affected by droughts.

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