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July 15, 2024


The General Manager (GM) is responsible for the overall day-to-day management of His Kingdom Broadcasting Services that includes Kingdom TV, Kingdom FM (93) and Kingdom digital media. The GM provides leadership and direction in the strategic development of programs and activities for efficient operations of the kingdom media. The GM ensures compliance with all rules and regulations governing broadcasting services in Uganda. Works extensively with the team to drive sales, determine the content (including news, songs, adverts etc), engage the listeners and partners for satisfactory performance. Also works to enhance compliance with all rules and regulations governing broadcasting services in Uganda.


The responsibilities are hereby divided into five key areas namely, management, sales, marketing, human resource, programming and cooperate management as presented below.


  1. Lead and supervise Kingdom Media (KTV, Kingdom FM and Kingdom Digital) as senior manager.
  2. Draw and execute a strategy and plan for (Kingdom Media) in conjunction with the MD.
  3. Guide the Finance department to prepare revenue and expenditure budgets.
  4. With the Finance department, execute revenue and expenditure budgets to meet profit targets.
  5. Ensuring that all financial services are met including revenue; cost control; profit and debtor account management for smooth operations.
  6. Ensure that all operational costs are met giving priority to key service providers
  7. Ensuring that all departments work within agreed boundaries and achieve agreed targets on time.
  8. Oversee the general administration of the Kingdom Media.
  9. In conjunction with the technical department, prepare and execute technical targets.

Sales and Marketing

  1. Work with the Sales department   and ensure that there is a motivated and competent sales team which you have to work with to attain revenue targets.
  2. Keep track of the sales team performance on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and regularly communicate the status of their performance.
  3. Conduct regular Sales meetings with staffs to review Sales progress and maintain good employee relations to ensure the highest degree of retention, morale and discipline.
  4. Conduct regular client list review and discusses with business executives on potential new clients.
  5. Ensure Sales Contracts are in place with the appropriate clients and identify their associates and follows up and resolves any complaints and keep the marketing and sales Manager informed
  6. In conjunction with the marketing department, develop a clear marketing strategy
  7. Sell HKBS content to our potential markets in accordance with the marketing strategy
  8. Set clear monthly/quarterly market targets
  9. Prepare a monthly marketing report 


  1. work with the production department, develop and support the execution of the content strategy.
  2. Support the News department develop and execute the news agenda.
  3. Attract, training and supervise competent programing personnel
  4. Develop and execute new program ideas
  5. Mainstream CFC church marketing on all outlets
  6. Mainstream CFC church programing on all outlets
  7. Maintain a competitive program schedule
  8. Comply with the approved programing content policy

Human resource

  1. In conjunction with Human Resource department, prepare and execute human resource budgets.
  2. Write and update policies, Train and conduct follow-up reviews on policies implemented to ensure that all policies are communicated to employees, as long as they approved by the Board.
  3. Ensure that all policies and statements are communicated to employees and consultation given on any changes made to policy handbooks and contracts.
  4. Provide a comprehensive human resource support, to coach and develop the existing teams in order that they meet company compliance in inductions, disciplinary and grievance procedures, and monitors policies and procedures to ensure legislative requirements are meet.

Cooperate leadership

  1. Ensure a proper working relationship with the BOD.
  2. Setup and operate appropriate workplace and management policies.
  3. Get approvals from senior management on all decision that commit the BOD.
  4. Prepare weekly/monthly/quarterly reports for senior management.
  5. Support relevant Christianity Focus Centre activities as notified.
  6. Comply with statutory and legal requirements for UCC Licensing and Broadcasting Council regulations and ensure that the team are aware of and working in accordance with these requirements.
  7. Ensure that all agreed control procedures are followed through in each department and Conduct appraisals for all direct reports on a bi-annual basis.
  8. Ensure that the company and all its personnel adhere to the following key management policies that includes; Human Resource Policy, HIV Workplace Policy, Finance Policy, Board Operating Policy, Standard Operating Procedure, Church Relations Policy, Newsroom Policy

Please send in your applications to HR at our Kingdom Media offices. Kiganda zone, mengo kisenyi

Any clarification:

Deadline for submission: 12-June-2022

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