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April 20, 2024
Bishop Kiganda

The Christianity Focus Center senior pastor, Bishop David Kiganda has come out with shocking information of about how the devil is currently finishing up the East African countries.

Through his message today in Lunch Hour services, Bishop Kiganda advised the children of God to consider praying for their country but most importantly the new generation.

He went ahead and advised Christians to be very careful with certain norms that have spread in all East African countries.

“They have drafted a bill and they’re presenting anytime from now in the parliament of East Africa and this bill is targeting three things, they want to legalize homosexuality in the entire East Africa, they’re seeking to approve what they have called comprehensive children sex education, they’re intending to teach the children all types of sex including the anal” Bishop Kiganda said.

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The Bishop said that they’re targeting the children in age bracket of 6years and above. And he asked the parents to consider praying for their children if to survive the strong attack of the devil.

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