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May 21, 2024

By Mudecha Aramathan

The meeting that involved over 100 Inspectors of school across the country, discussed the new released guidelines Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) has cautioned the schools to put into consideration.

The guidelines compel schools to desist from examination mal practices. UNEB has also promised to expose schools that will be involved in the vices of examination malpractices. Mostly the schools that have appeared on UNEB’s lists for cheating exams.

‘’ This year if they happen to do again examination malpractices, we will expose the schools and the districts. And we will publish their names within the legal framework,’’ State Minister for Primary Education, Joyce Moriku Kaducu warned.

UNEB promises to deploy over fifty thousand invigorators. This has been informed by the 10% raise in the total number of PLE candidates this year.

‘’We are expecting to recruit and use a total of 58,028 people. And these consist of scouts, supervisors, invigorators, district leaders, and security officials making nearly 6000 people,” said the UNEB Executive Director, Dan Nokrach Odongo.

In the preparation to sit PLE and UCE exams, UNEB expected an increase in the total number of candidates because COVID-19 Lockdowns caused an abrupt dead year. This made many schools accumulate a bigger number of students compared to the pre-COVID-19 years.

UNEB has gone ahead to set new measures in a bid to curb down any uncertainties that may occur in the course of doing the exams. For instances in averting abrupt floods that merely pull down the transportation of the examinations to different schools in the affected areas, UNEB has set aside ready alternative to save situations and time.
This year 2022, PLE candidates will sit their exams from 8th to 9th November. The briefing of the pupils is scheduled on 7th November as UNEB time table indicates.

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