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May 21, 2024

Dr Henry Kyobe, the Ebola Incident Commander has come out and said they have reported an increase in cases but promised that they’re setting  to protect the population and health workers from being infected.

Dr Henry revealed that they have so far confirmed seven cases of Ebola and currently tracing for those who could be the victim of the disease. However, he said that there is no approved drug or vaccine for the disease.

“As of today, we have seven confirmed cases, one confirmed Ebola death and seven probable [Ebola] deaths. We have listed 43 contacts [of the victims] and we are doing contact tracing,” he said

“But there are trial drugs using the monoclonal antibody technology. Largely, the treatment is mainly on supportive care. This strain has no vaccine and for now, the plan for the vaccine is not on the table but it is being considered as soon as we have some,” he said.

He added, “For now we are concentrated on making sure we inform the population about what it is, guiding them on the measures to be able to protect, guiding them to show us where contacts are –identify them to be able to get patients early in care.”

According to the Health Ministry, Ebola is transmitted through contact with the blood, stool or fluids of an infected person and objects that have been contaminated with body fluids from an infected person.

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