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May 21, 2024

Former Minister without portfolio Hajji Abdul Nadduli has come out and revealed the condition in which his son Jakaana Nadduli was in before his death.

Nadduli admitted that ever since his son was involved in an accident in March this year and went through an operation on his intestine in the theatre, things have never been the same.

He went ahead and revealed that the condition of his son worsened by the time when he was abducted and tortured while in dentation centers not until he was released on bail on charges allegedly promoting sectarianism.

“While he could talk and walk supported by crutches, his health was not good” Hajji Nadduli said.

I want my son back dead or alive – Hajji Nadduli.

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Suleiman Jakana Nadduli died at 3:00am from Orient Medical Centre in Wobulenzi Town, where he had been rushed shortly after his health deteriorated on Sunday evening.

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